Professional in Salon Tanning Service

Looking for a faster and better way of getting a perfect, all over golden tan in minutes?
FAKE BAKE has the answer with our spray tan treatment now applied in a specially designed tanning booth.

Treatment £27.00

2 x treatment £45.00


Body Polish 

Shower gels and soap leave a waxy residue on the skin and they prevent the tanning

agents from doing their job effectively. Passion Fruit Body Polish removes any soap residues,

deodorants and other tan- hindering products from the skin by gently, but effectively

exfoliating it.

Our Passion Fruit Body Polish contains the highest concentrations of natural ingredients

and Aloe Vera extracts as well as micro particles of the gentle, natural exfoliate Luufa

which ‘polishes’ skin without lacerating or damaging the surface of newly exposed layers.

The experience will leave your skin feeling refreshed, energised and ready to tan.

Use about once a week to keep your skin in tip top tanning condition.





Face Polish

Face Polish gives your skin renewing benefits while removing impurities and gently but

effectively exfoliating the skin, leaving it smooth and ultra smooth. High quality natural

derivatives Ginger Root and Chamomile Extract tone, calm and sooth the more delicate

facial skin. Premium levels of botanical hydrate your skin for greater absorption of DHA

and Erythulose. Fake Bake Face Bamboo Buffing Polish is gentle enough to use as part

of your daily beauty regimen.




Body Butter

This luxurious body butter has been especially formulated for people with dry skin. 

The rich, moisturising self-tanning body butter keeps skin supple, soft and toned while

combining them with our tanning agents to give you the best possible tan for dry,

sensitive skin.

Platinum Face

A luxurious facial tanning lotion that uses a gentle formulation, suitable for sensitive

facial skin, to create a natural glow while turning back the signs of aging using apple

stem cell technology.




Faux Glo

Inspired by make-up artists and a firm favourite with models, Faux Glo contains brozers

and skin enhancers that make minor skin imperfections disappear.  The super-fast drying

aerosol has a 360 degree nozzle that gives a continuous spray that works at any angle.